The window to act is often very small

The window to act is often very small

I beat my alarm again this morning.

It was due to go off at 5am but for some reason I woke 10 minutes early. In time to turn the alarm off so I didn’t have to run the risk of waking my wife.

At this precise moment I actually contemplated getting back under the covers and just drifting back off. 

(Full disclosure – I actually did get back under the duvet after turning the alarm off. Which is tactically the other end of the room so I HAVE to get up to reach it.)

I’d been in the middle of a random dream which I could still vividly remember. And like the feeling of getting caught in a Netflix series, I was wondering what would happen next if it had the chance to play out.

“When I wake up, I get up!”

 But I knew what I needed to do. Which was further reinforced as I recalled a quote I’d heard Bob Proctor say on a YouTube video recently.

“When I wake up, I get up!”

 I’ve never yet regretted getting up early.

I only ever regret not getting up and starting my day. Yet every day I still battle with this in my mind. The bad wolf is still there encouraging me to abuse the snooze button.

After downing a pint of water, which is always the first thing I do once I get downstairs, I hopped on the exercise bike. The bike doubles up as both a dose of exercise and a chance to be alone in my thoughts.

Sometimes I listen to music and zone out, sometimes I put on a motivational clip on YouTube to feed my mind while my legs spin, and sometimes I just try to listen to my own thoughts. 

Depends where I am and how I’m feeling.

 “The window to act is often very small”

 I haven’t always been this disciplined.

There have been many days where the duvet has won and I’ve regretted sleeping in. More times than I like to admit.

Which is how I know for a fact that daily disciplines are DAILY disciplines. Sure, it can get easier as you build better habits. But you still have to maintain that momentum.

Which was when it came to me in a moment of inspiration.

The window to act is often very small”

We all have moments when an idea hits us and we’re excited and motivated to do something.

When all of a sudden we just KNOW what we want to do with our lives, our careers, or the new skill we want to learn to improve ourselves. 

It can come to us like a bolt of lightning, out of the blue.

But here’s the thing I’ve learned the hard way.

If we don’t act on that idea IMMEDIATELY it will pass.

 “The window to act is often very small”

Ideas don’t hang around for when we feel like it. Or when they are convenient for the diary.

They come when they come.

If it is something that really grabs us we need to act on that idea right away. Before it gets bored waiting for us, and runs off to inspire someone else.

Whatever the idea is, make it real by taking the first step.

Make the enquiry, buy the book, make the call, or book the course.

Whatever it is you know you need to do.

It may just start with small things, like simply getting out of bed when you said you would.

Then before you know it, things are suddenly clicking into place as you surge forwards.

Or alternatively, you could just park that spark of inspiration and get back to it later?

But we both know what will happen if you do.

That the idea won’t wait around for you.

It’ll move on, and find someone more motivated to inspire.

 “The window to act is often very small”

 Make today count