The power of a good morning routine with Keir Wotherspoon

The power of a good morning routine with Keir Wotherspoon

Keir Wotherspoon is a Lifestyle Coach with an extensive background in the fitness world, working with athletes of all levels.

Through his work he learned that there was a lot more to achieving success than simply having the perfect blueprint. Individuals also needed support to develop the right mindset, and daily disciplines in order to reach the levels they’re targeting.

During 2020 he was forced into a completely new schedule as his gym facility was closed through lockdown, keeping him home with his family full-time.

Like many working from home was something he had to adapt.Which is when his appreciation for a solid morning routine stepped up a gear.

Listen in, as we discuss the positive difference that a good start to the day can make. Along with some pointers for helping you get in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals.

Keir understands that a good gym program will only take you so far. To really excel you’ll need a plan that serves you both inside and outside of the gym.

And it all starts with a good, consistent, morning routine.

To follow Keir for the future you can find him on Instagram (@keir_wotherspoon,, Twitter, and via his website where he has an active email newsletter.

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