Talking about the power of beliefs with Reg Lenney

Talking about the power of beliefs with Reg Lenney

If you’ve ever wondered how the worlds best coaches interact with A-List celebrities then allow me to introduce you to Reg Lenney.

As a health and wellness coach to many of the top stars in Hollywood, as well as members of The Royal Family, Reg understands what it takes to attain optimum health and a success mindset. His work in this area led to him defining his own 10 keys which are detailed in his book ‘Be You’ which is available to buy online.

In this podcast we focus on the area of beliefs and it’s a really high energy chat with some awesome content.

At the end of the podcast Reg also makes some very generous offers to listeners of the show, including a FREE copy of his latest book, and a healthy home guide for anyone who signs up for his 5 minute mentor program.

After we came off air Reg and I spoke further about the power of a good Mastermind. And after a bit of discussion he agreed to co-host a new group with me, specifically for listeners of this podcast. I’m extremely excited about this possibility and I’m actively looking for motivated individuals who may be interested in getting involved. If that sounds like you then register your interest here.

To follow Reg Lenney on Facebook you can find him here.

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