Taking responsibility for yourself and your health with Jurga Proudlove

Taking responsibility for yourself and your health with Jurga Proudlove

In this episode I’m joined by Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Sanomentology Therapist Jurga Proudlove.

An amazing lady with a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for improving the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.

During our discussion Jurga really opens up to explain the seriousness of not taking responsibility for our health, and also the potential available to us if we do.

Sharing both her personal and professional experiences, she makes it very clear the impact our nutrition and lifestyle choices can have.

And as a trainer who wants nothing but the very best for her clients she is well aware that she can’t do your press-ups for you. So she is committed to sharing the facts so you can make your own educated decisions.

Be prepared for a bit of tough love from Jurga as she holds us all accountable for raising our own standards.

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(I wasn’t totally happy with the editing of this podcast, as it appeared that my own microphone technique was far from ideal. However Jurga sounded so good and clear, and such great content, I just couldn’t hold the podcast back from being released. I know you’re going to get so much value from it.)

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