Dean Grimshawe

Building a Warrior Mindset

Saving lives as well as livelihoods with Alex Petty

In this episode of the Work in Progress podcast I have the great pleasure of speaking to business coach Alex Petty.  During the recording we discussed what it really takes to form a solid relationship as a coach, as well as the impact those relationships can have. Alex shared a particular story which included jumping…
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Taking responsibility for yourself and your health with Jurga Proudlove

In this episode I’m joined by Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Sanomentology Therapist Jurga Proudlove. An amazing lady with a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for improving the lives of everyone she comes into contact with. During our discussion Jurga really opens up to explain the seriousness of not taking responsibility for our health,…
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Do you want to know the real reason people miss their goals?

I wanted to be a personal trainer for literally years. I’ll be honest, I procrastinated about doing it for ages. Despite being very clear on the fact that it was something I really wanted to do. I’m embarrassed to say I had a list of excuses. It just wasn’t the right time. I didn’t have…
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Katy Bishop talks to Dean Grimshawe

Spin classes, throwing axes and a Viking called Astrid In this episode I speak to the personal training, axe throwing, pro-wrestling, single Mum of four that is Katy Bishop. An inspiring role model who has learned to live life on her own terms. And the world is a far better place for it. In this…
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5 reasons to embrace the power of repetition

For many years I focused my efforts on learning as much as I was able. Believing that would be the best strategy to move me forward in life. It helps of course that I’m a naturally curious person and I enjoy studying new ideas. So I’ve always got my head in a new book, or…
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What I learned from getting out of bed earlier

For years I’d listened to inspirational speakers advocate the benefits of an early start. The early bird get’s the worm! You have to get up and seize the day! While you’re snoozing your competition is making progress! The quotes went on and on. And while there are also advocates of a more flexible sleeping schedule,…
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