An introduction to my new Work in Progress podcast

An introduction to my new Work in Progress podcast

After a great deal of thought I’ve decided to get back to running my podcast.

I’ve always had an interest in all things personal development which have led to me qualifying both as a life coach, and a personal trainer. And many moons ago I worked with clients in this field. In recent years I moved away from being self-employed to focus on a full-time sales career, while raising a family with my wife Sara. For full transparency I did this for the financial security of having a regular monthly income.

Personal development has always remained in my life of course. And recently I had the urge to get back into writing around this area, sharing content, and I want to share my learnings with those that it will benefit. So it made sense to fire up the podcast again, and incorporate some awesome people in my network who I’ve met along the way.

This quick recording is purely to set the scene of what it’s all about, who it is for, and give you a flavour to see if you want to join me for the ride.

I hope you do!

Thanks for checking out my blog and podcast. I hope you found the material interesting and insightful. Over the years I’ve studied many areas of personal development including life coaching and personal training, and I’ve built a strong network in the process. Through this blog and my upcoming podcast I’ll be discussing what I’ve learned, and how you can achieve the results you desire for yourself. Topics covered will include health, wealth, fitness, mindset and much more. To maximise the value I will be including some fantastic guests who’ve achieved big results in their respective fields. If you’d like to be updated with this content, and what I’m working on then join my mailing list today. Simply add your details below and I’ll make sure you never miss a thing.

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