Dean Grimshawe

Building a Warrior Mindset

Preparing for a big physical transformation with Mauro Stara

Personal trainer Mauro Stara is used to helping his clients make BIG transformations to their physiques. In this episode we discussed how you need to prepare for a big transformation, and what is required to succeed. A coach can show you the way, but they can’t do your press-ups for you.It was a brilliant chat…
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Facebook marketing for small businesses with Tamara Collins

We could have so easily carried on for even longer with this recording as Tamara was dropping gold all over the place. Ever the professional we even lost communications half way through as her phone died, and she she simply grabbed a second phone and carried on. I’m very glad she did. In this episode…
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You have to take full responsibility for your own life

This is one of those lessons I have often had to remind myself of. It’s far too easy to blame external circumstances for our results. But the truth is we reap what we sow. Nothing good comes from making excuses and laying the blame elsewhere. So if that’s a habit you still have, stop it…
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Liver and Gallbladder cleanse with Jurga Proudlove

Health and wellness expert Jurga Proudlove returns to the show to share her experience performing a liver and gallbladder cleanse. The main function of the liver is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract. Where it detoxifies any harmful chemicals and metabolizes any drugs consumed. Depending on the quality of our diets the…
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From Nope to Hope with Lorraine Reguly

From Nope to Hope is the title of Lorraine Reguly’s book in which she details how she went from suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts, to building a life for herself. Lorraine is now an author, English teacher, freelance editor, blogger, and entrepreneur.  The book is not just about documenting her own journey, but also…
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The window to act is often very small

I beat my alarm again this morning. It was due to go off at 5am but for some reason I woke 10 minutes early. In time to turn the alarm off so I didn’t have to run the risk of waking my wife. At this precise moment I actually contemplated getting back under the covers…
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