Dean Grimshawe

Building a Warrior Mindset

If today was your last day…. would you live it differently?

Not many of us like to think too much about our own mortality. But every now and again we get a reminder which forces us to at least consider it. In recent years I started a men’s football team. It is basically a pub team which I founded in 2015 for local lads. For me…
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Get yourself ready for your next challenge with Adventurer Baz Gray

In this episode I have the great pleasure of speaking with former Royal Marine and Adventurer Baz Gray. Baz is no stranger to taking on a big challenge, with a long history of impressive experiences under his belt. A former mountain leader in the Royal Marines, he knows what it takes to complete tough expeditions…
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Don’t be too quick to judge

I’ve been a bit quiet online recently. As I was finding many social platforms a very negative environment to be in. As I was looking through my feeds on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, I was coming across some really negative themes. So I needed to step back and collect my thoughts. As…
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Let go and let God

Sometimes you just have to let go, and let God. I had one of those moments yesterday where I felt a bit overwhelmed, with everything that I was trying to achieve. You may not know this but my ‘day job’ is working in B2B sales. Though due to what is happening in the big wide…
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The power of a good morning routine with Keir Wotherspoon

Keir Wotherspoon is a Lifestyle Coach with an extensive background in the fitness world, working with athletes of all levels. Through his work he learned that there was a lot more to achieving success than simply having the perfect blueprint. Individuals also needed support to develop the right mindset, and daily disciplines in order to…
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Integration of the Generations with Chris Ogle

In this episode we talk about how the generations can work together so everyone wins, with professional networker Chris Ogle. Chris is the founder of¬†Link4Growth¬†which is a project focused on developing communities, for the purposes of business, personal support, and personal growth. During our discussion we touched on the different labels such as the baby…
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