Integration of the Generations with Chris Ogle

Integration of the Generations with Chris Ogle

In this episode we talk about how the generations can work together so everyone wins, with professional networker Chris Ogle.

Chris is the founder of Link4Growth which is a project focused on developing communities, for the purposes of business, personal support, and personal growth.

During our discussion we touched on the different labels such as the baby boomers, gen X, and millenials. And we explored how we can all benefit from bringing the resources, and experiences of each group together. As too often there can be divisions between the groups which hinder opportunities for everyone.

The underlying theme of the show is how the world is changing. The only constant is change. And while we must be aware of the lessons of the past, in order to learn from them and build on the shoulders of giants, we must always have one eye on where the future is going.

History only repeats itself if the past is ignored, or old habits become too ingrained to break. Do we sometimes miss out on ground-breaking opportunities because we falsely belief that an individuals age, (or years of service), makes their opinion more valuable by default?

There are stereotypes of course, and no individual can be completely defined by the era that they were born in. There are exceptions to every rule. However, the trends do tell a story. 

By opening up the conversation the goal is to break down the divisions between the generations, and build a world where everybody wins. After all, winners create, and losers compete. So there is no benefit in battling with each other through the demographics of generation. 

Let’s keep the conversation going.

“There are 2 kinds of people in this world. The learning and the learned. The learning will always have a future, and the learned are perfectly positioned to succeed in a world that doesn’t exist any more.”

Tune in and be sure to share your thoughts on the topic. It will be great to hear more views.

To learn more about Link4Growth you can click on the link here.

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