Get yourself ready for your next challenge with Adventurer Baz Gray

Get yourself ready for your next challenge with Adventurer Baz Gray

In this episode I have the great pleasure of speaking with former Royal Marine and Adventurer Baz Gray.

Baz is no stranger to taking on a big challenge, with a long history of impressive experiences under his belt. A former mountain leader in the Royal Marines, he knows what it takes to complete tough expeditions in all terrains. Not just in terms of what is required physically and technically, but also the mental and emotional demands that come with the territory.

During this episode he distills his wisdom down to some key pillars, that are applicable to every single one of us. A few areas that we should always be mindful of if we want to get ourselves ready for our next challenge in life. Whatever that may be.

I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to speak with Baz, as he was very generous with his time, and incredibly humble despite all that he’s achieved. 

He still has the fire within him for his next challenge, where he has his focus on achieving a world first. So there is no danger of Baz slowing down anytime soon. You’ll hear him talk about this in the podcast and it’s no small goal at all!

But if anyone can succeed, you know it will be Baz Gray. 

And I for one look forward to following that journey all the way to the finish line.

Continue to follow Baz’s projects and get further tips from him via The Outdoor Athlete Community.

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