Category: Mindset

Katy Bishop talks to Dean Grimshawe

Spin classes, throwing axes and a Viking called Astrid In this episode I speak to the personal training, axe throwing, pro-wrestling, single Mum of four that is Katy Bishop. An inspiring role model who has learned to live life on her own terms. And the world is a far better place for it. In this…
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5 reasons to embrace the power of repetition

For many years I focused my efforts on learning as much as I was able. Believing that would be the best strategy to move me forward in life. It helps of course that I’m a naturally curious person and I enjoy studying new ideas. So I’ve always got my head in a new book, or…
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Control the controllables

As I write this first post it is mid-week and late in the evening. We’re less than a quarter of the way through 2020, and we’re in a lock down. In a bid to control the spread of coronavirus. Like many professionals across the UK today I’ve been working remotely. Which has been made particularly…
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